Elf courier 0.2

An general plain looking but nonetheless joy to play arcade game where you'll be managing skillfull elf throughout one of his courier assignments. During this mission you will be casting magic bubbles left and rtight (press a button for this by the way) and veyr powerful shwowbombs (such as ation press D button) Ofcoruse as in any fantastic arcade some jumping is going to be invoved (there will be upward arrow or W utilized to perofm this activity). Since you can see the overall control scheme is not overly elaborate yet will you become the master of this the time will soon tell. On your way there'll be a great deal of dangerous enemies such as wolf, goblin, boar as well as yeti and every one of them may supply you with a bad ending so be carefull and allows hope you will see the great end sooner or afterward.

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